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Hii everyone!

PostPosted: 01.08.2013, 21:39
by Burni
Hey all ;)

My nickname is Burni, my TM team is tcats (Ukrainian-Russian team), I'm from Ukraine and I'm 15 years old :O

I started playing tm 5 years ago. I played lunatics stuff in the beginning, but after 3 years I found RPG (in playing it 2 years).

I like trials and looong tracks with looots of cps :D My favourite thing in RPG is pathfinding. I don't really like finishing tracks more than 1 time, except the cups, where it's nesessary to hunt.

I also build some tracks, but never finish my projects :D I have several tracks on TMX, but they are pretty crappy. And my problem is... I TOTALLY CAN'T WORK WITH MEDIATRACKER =(

I usually play on my own server RPG Ukraine, so you can find me there.

Hmm, maybe that's everything I wanted to tell, see you in game ^^

PostPosted: 01.08.2013, 22:20
by popgun
Hi and welcome. It's a bit quiet at the moment cos we're all building. Aren't we guys?
I know I am :whistling:

PostPosted: 02.08.2013, 12:22
by XdaC
welcome burni

PostPosted: 02.08.2013, 15:54
Welcome, enjoy your stay here :)

PostPosted: 02.08.2013, 16:00
by BuLL||DoZer
Hi BuuuuRnY.
Nice to see you here :)

PostPosted: 03.08.2013, 06:52
by gugaruz
hello burn :)

PostPosted: 03.08.2013, 08:41
by eie

I can totally relate to that statement :D

Welcome aboard!

PostPosted: 03.08.2013, 20:19
by simo_900
welcome here burny mate :D

PostPosted: 04.08.2013, 04:51
by Reahx
Hey burnY ;)
Welcome aboard,

Ps. I suck at mediatracker too, ^^

PostPosted: 06.08.2013, 07:20
by Burni
Thanks everyone!

PostPosted: 06.08.2013, 23:43
by Golo

Hii everyone

PostPosted: 27.07.2016, 14:33
by Francen
Hi Claus welcome.
It must be cool to be so close to the track like you are.
Never heard of that track, is it a dirt track or like Hillerod also Astro turf?
Have fun on the forum.

By the way, you can find more info in my new video

Re: Hii everyone!

PostPosted: 28.07.2016, 21:54
by JuliusOctopus
Welcome ;)