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Oh no! it`s that guy who sucks at rpg!

PostPosted: 29.08.2013, 18:16
by fallen.soul
Good day!

Maybe you remember me. if not: i`m fallen.soul, crappy driver and totaly untalented mapbuilder! (Thats why i dont do it and leave it to those who can build these awesome rpg maps!)

been few years since i was last active in the rpg community but now i am back!

dont know what to say about myself. i love video games, racing(RL) and some other things, nothing really fancy. I started with rpg in the old stadium i think and discovered it again in the new TM Stadium.

if you want to know something just ask!


PostPosted: 30.08.2013, 17:37
by HawkGer
heyyyo, welcome back!
I think everyone of the old days will remember you when we were just 20 guys having fun and trying to build a community that eventually grew into this. And of course everyone should know you for being the architect behind vinummusik :D Great to see you back ... if I get around to starting TM maybe we will hopefully meet online some time ...