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Hello from the United States!

PostPosted: 05.08.2014, 22:42
by AlexUSA
Hey all! I'm Alex from California, United States. I'm 25, a university student and tutor. I bike/hike/backpack/offroad for hobbies, and of course, play the only game, TM!

I've played TM since TM Original way back when, usually driving Speedfun/Speedtech, joined team RAW about two or three years ago, then started building tracks of my own and had a great introduction to RPG on the DDR server in TMUF about a year ago. The Trackmania community is, hands down, the best of any gaming community, and the RPG group looks to be a collection of the best! :D

Ich wiess ein bisschen Deutsch, bei weitem nicht perfekt, aber das geht. :D

Next is to use that to start building some full RPG tracks: I'm starting to feel comfortable about building 'normal' Trackmania tracks, but I see that making RPG tracks is a whole other story: the possibilities with the RPG editor in the Titlepack are massive compared to the editors of previous, ha!

I'm online in a number of places, either the North American, Speedfun, or RPG servers in TM2 Stadium, sometimes Canyon and back to TMUF. I've started to meet a few drivers on the servers, but I thought it would be good to introduce myself here as well! See ya! :D

Re: Hello from the United States!

PostPosted: 06.08.2014, 16:01
by XT3
Welcome! :) Glad to see another USA RPG player.

Re: Hello from the United States!

PostPosted: 06.08.2014, 20:40
by koke
Welcome to the RPG community. Here you'll find all the help you need for building.
It's always nice to have new members here. :D

Greetings from Spain.


Re: Hello from the United States!

PostPosted: 07.08.2014, 07:41
by Jurek
Greetings from Poland.