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Axa in in the place ....

Axa in in the place ....

Postby Axanthes » 09.11.2010, 22:08

Hi all members ....
Well i'm a man - just let me see if it's still ok - Yeah that's it ! And i'm 38 years old.
About myself ...uh ! I'm froggy ....and my english is not so good i expected :wacko:
My job ?? Well ...calculate taxes ... i know i'm a governmental thief-employee 8o

About TMU Forever ...
Well no more team cos my old one : R.I.P >BdP< ... ;(
I'm a pretty bad driver with a large sens of humor and self-mockery (is it correct this last word ??? )
My favorite sentence : "i love to-shoot-the-wad and the smell of burning rubber !"

About RPG track ...never try to create and to play with so ...... :whistling:

NB : sry for mistakes ^^
i :love: to-shoot-the-wad and the smell of burning rubber ! 8o
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Postby Nunquam » 09.11.2010, 23:07

?( stupid froggies :D
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