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Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew

Postby Skeleton » 15.11.2010, 23:45

Hi all, I'm Skeleton aka skele aka John. Some of you may know me. I'm a modder, when I get the time to mod that is. Not sure if I'm post in the the right place but I'm sure HawkGer can move and edit for me if it's wrong lol
I use to be part of a team called FAB, was for some years. Not anymore, long story lol
Anyway I decided to put a little TM related forum together on my own, no tag no clan, just me.
The main reason for this site is to share what I know about modding via my video tutorials. Only a few there at the moment but I will keep adding when I can. Everything I know about modding I learnt myself. I mainly mod the stadium because it's the most interesting. Anyone can throw a texture onto a Diffuse but getting the Specular and Normal right is another thing. I hope to simplify these things.
Please come along and check it out. You will be able to link your mods, tracks and skins there via my custom bbcodes.
Hope to see some of you soon.

Skele from Skeleton Crew

Big thank you to HawkGer for letting me post this here :thumbup:
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