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Postby Thomatos » 07.02.2011, 21:19

Hi everyone =) !

Maybe you've seen me before on 'RPG Unlimited' -maybe not, but I register only now, because I've started building a RPG track =p - & I also want to comment on some posts sometimes, now I can !

Er- I'm a student, but I can find time to play TM one way or another, the game attracts me everytime !

Oh I'm french btw, but I'm in Autralia for 6 months =D !

Yep' that's it - I think ...

C U (on RGP Unlimited)(& when I'll release my first RPG Track !)
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Postby trunks_11 » 08.02.2011, 15:12


And have fun here.
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Postby juliano6010 » 08.02.2011, 15:34

Hi! :thumbsup:
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