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Hokie's Joining the Party

Hokie's Joining the Party

Postby Hokiebird » 05.04.2011, 18:13

Hey guys. Hokiebird here. I just joined the site to keep track of when Ziza's Round Races are. Thought I'd introduce myself. Most of you know me by now, but if not, I'm a Trackmaniac and a big fan of RPG. I'm still a bit noobish at the more difficult tracks, and really only post competitive times on beginner-intermediate ones. I often don't even bother hunting records due to the monotony. Top 5 Favorite Tracks are

1)Abandoned Factory
3)Abou Simbel 2
4)Labyrinth 2
5)The Great Escape

I prefer longer tracks over shorter ones, unless of course, the length is due to extreme difficulty. Not a fan of trials. If you're looking for me, you can usually find me on the UNC servers, RPG Unlimited, Pixelsport RPG, Heavens RPG, and Kacklappen RPG. See ya online!
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Postby Mario » 05.04.2011, 18:38

Heyha Hokie :)

nice to see u here! :D
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Postby trunks_11 » 05.04.2011, 19:46

Now the party can start! Image
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Postby Promaxer » 05.04.2011, 20:41

so many smiles you got trunks...
Welcome hokie!
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Postby trunks_11 » 05.04.2011, 20:49

the smiley king ! :D
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Postby Igntul » 05.04.2011, 21:01

n party n party n party n pa n pa n party

1337 top5 ;)

welcome \o/ :chainsaw:
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Postby beep » 06.04.2011, 04:21

Welcome Hokie :)
4F clan
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Postby nom² » 06.04.2011, 21:05

awesome taste :modo:
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