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*Hops in*

*Hops in*

Postby {BP}Zombie » 24.06.2011, 00:23

Yo homies, i am 13, over a year ago myself started playing this game(Actually I don't remember how I managed to download it again but somehow god made me download it).
I play RPG's since I started. Always have had and always will have some love about the RPG's(I'm pretty sure we dont know why do we love it but we do ahahah).
Came here by to introduce myself and maybe contribute with a topic and a new member to the forums.
I hope I feel in home with ma bros and have fun with them. WIthin 6 days it'll be my birthday(30th june 2011), and do not forget to come here and wish me happyness or i consider you as a meanie! >:(

Peace out~ lads

btw whats the "You have activated the thank'o'mat for this post."?
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Postby simo_900 » 24.06.2011, 06:49

Welcome! :)
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Postby eie » 24.06.2011, 08:49

Weeelcooomeee =)
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Postby Clith » 24.06.2011, 08:53

Welcome to the madhouse :)
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Postby Igntul » 24.06.2011, 13:15


you... YOU!!!!
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Postby {BP}Zombie » 24.06.2011, 14:52

What servers RPG are you guys mostly at? RPG unlimited , pixel sport, kacklappen?

Set ur signature eie. You're not cool lad. ;)
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