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Postby JumperJack » 08.09.2011, 06:03


I'm JumperJack, member of team CMC in Trackmania. However, since about two years now, I've been quite interested in driving RPGs. Since recently I've also gained interest in building them... ;)

Also, I'm 21, and a student graphic design in Breda, the Netherlands.

Why I joined only now, even though my interest in RPGs is there already for quite a while? Well, I'm afraid I just found that small button named 'forum'... :dash:

Have a nice day,

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Postby PCC_NS » 08.09.2011, 11:35

I'm afraid I just found that small button named 'forum'... :dash:

Welcome !
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Postby HawkGer » 08.09.2011, 13:30

JJ still playing RPG and now on this forum 8o Greetings man...and have a nice stay !
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Postby N00BYZOR » 08.09.2011, 15:26

Welcome in our nice RPG fans community ! :D
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