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xMustiiej70's Interview

xMustiiej70's Interview

Postby mustiej70 » 01.11.2011, 19:55

Hello members!

Another interview with this time the high anticipated user xMustiiej70!


I have seriously no idea, it has been aroun 18months.


I felt lonely and saw the smoke coming out of the horizon and it put me in a trap where the game Fallout: New Vegas is based on, then I saw this light coming closer and I actually realised what it was.. I just felt down from stadium.


From another forum, the members were highly satisfied by such game, ofcourse that time there was no freezone shit.

How did you liked it then?

10stars out of 1. Completely awesome!

And now?

I was inactive for a while and when I got back to break even more records Freezone came but still 10stars!

Break even more records, can you be more specific sir?

Sure, I break records, It happens in nature.

Do you like any type of maps,mapbuilders,servers or members?

I don't like any maps especially that of Igntul's.. You seen Detriot? Terrible.
Mapbuilders?? hm.. tough, but let me say this, If I make a map right now.. and finish right now.. I'll be probally best one out there.
Servers and the members fail alot, it feels like I'm the only one with a functional brain.

What would you change on the experience on trackmania online?

Nothing, except for the entire game.

For all the fans out there for you and for the ones that don't know you, you got any messages for them?

They see me trollin' they hatin

Thank you for your time xMustiiej70, it's a honor to have you on the interview tonight.

When do I get the payment?

*Director screams: CUT*
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Postby trunks_11 » 01.11.2011, 20:31

Well, you should know that these interviews are made by Forum/Board Moderators and that espacially by promaxer...
We search together the guys which we want to interview... and now you just interviewed yourself? I won't rest an impresive comment now, i'll see what the others write...
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Postby moi57 » 01.11.2011, 20:39

./admin ignored xmustiie
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Postby Igntul » 01.11.2011, 20:41

ty for your special dedication to me in the mapbuilders part :D
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Postby beep » 01.11.2011, 20:49

lol moi :P

./admin addadmin moi57 for do that ^^
4F clan
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Postby trunks_11 » 01.11.2011, 20:59

Well, since i asked Tabasco to add a warn and ignore button to this forum, we could ignore and warn him, but i think this post isn't so annoying, its funny :chinese:
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Postby nom² » 01.11.2011, 21:27

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Postby Niiel-Moo » 01.11.2011, 22:01

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Postby Nunquam » 01.11.2011, 22:18

Ridiculous doesn't kill.
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Postby mustiej70 » 01.11.2011, 22:19

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Postby dose » 02.11.2011, 01:02

mmm a post for that ?

and your point is... ?

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