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???° Team

PostPosted: 01.06.2010, 09:34
by Tiji78
[color=#009900]Welcome on this thread introducing the [size=117]???

PostPosted: 12.05.2011, 17:06
by simo_900
where can I register??? :)

PostPosted: 12.05.2011, 18:26
by Guest
on the MUR forum. i think. :P

PostPosted: 12.05.2011, 19:33
by Mollebo
that team is very bad !! ^^ only noob payers do join (like me) :D

arrr ^^ i love the team and all the team mates are nice ^^ just remember not all the team member can speak that good english ^^

PostPosted: 13.05.2011, 05:18
by Igntul
yeah we not can spik inglish verry good, but we are great team!

PostPosted: 13.05.2011, 14:26
by TITI54
Lol Molle and Ign ^^ But we are a french team with incredible international players ;)