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Planet RPG! servers...

Planet RPG! servers...

Postby .:HD:. » 14.08.2010, 13:03

Hi all!

I am gonna give you some info aboute the Planet RPG! servers ^^


More servers are planned... :D

Planet RPG! - Norway:

Hosted by me. The owner of Planet RPG! Norway is noddy and me. We add the most RPG track that get good karma, the tracks that have bad karma wil be deleted on this server. If you are a good RPG player, and play here often, there is a big chanse for you to become admin/operator, like what happend with Hannes. Join here: Planet RPG! - Norway

Planet RPG! SHORT:

Hosted by me. The owner of Planet RPG! SHORT is noddy and me. Here we add short RPG tracks, here we need some tracks, if you have some nice short rpg-tracks, feel free to PM me! Join here: Planet RPG! SHORT

Next server coming: Unknow :D

For questions about the servers, comment or contact me!

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Postby Tabasco » 15.08.2010, 17:52

Now Planet RPG! SHORT opened!

HD add it in first Post.
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