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missing original folders

PostPosted: 04.11.2012, 02:34
by dose
hi !Image

Since I hade a external disk failure
i have lost a lot of files including
some of my trackmania folders.

So im here to Ask You if you can
share the originals tmuf folders im missing.

The 4 folders are:

1. Program Files\TmUnitedForever\GameData\Garage\Media\Texture\Image

2. Program Files\TmUnitedForever\GameData\Interface\Media\Texture\Image

3. Program Files\TmUnitedForever\GameData\Menu\Media\Texture\Image

4. Program Files\TmUnitedForever\GameData\MenuForever\Media\Texture\Image

Thanks !

PostPosted: 04.11.2012, 09:31
by kill-evil
I hope i help you with this :
click here

PostPosted: 04.11.2012, 17:11
by dose
Perfect! thank you kill-evil , i did'nt want to re-istall.
that way eveything when back original!

PostPosted: 04.11.2012, 17:38
by kill-evil
hehe no problem^^
I just see it, you can also download all the game by means of player page ^^