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Reminder to save your replays

Reminder to save your replays

Postby HawkGer » 02.01.2013, 18:20

Just a quick post here.
I noticed today that I had none of my autosaved replays saved anywhere and if they got lost I would really regret it. Maybe in ten years I wanna go back and watch them or show my kids how awesome their daddy is xD

So yeah remember to save these to an external harddrive:

I hope this post wasn't totally useless :D
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Postby malun22 » 02.01.2013, 21:55

I think it was :D
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Postby dose » 03.01.2013, 11:37

"always make backup"

thx, good thinking, we never say it enough!
the best thing is to make a backup once a month or shorter - rewriting on top of older one and
on an external harddrive as HawkGer is saying in this post.

I always make a backup of :

1. C:\Documents and Settings\Your name\My documents\TrackMania ( the [color=#ff0000]medias for mods- cars,tracks, etc...[/color] )

2. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data ( important user account infos and cache for the game )

3. C:\Program Files\TmUnitedForever ( The [color=#ff0000]basic game files[/color] )

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Postby Shortz » 03.01.2013, 13:56

I already got 1gb autosaves saved ._.
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