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RPG Connector..WR?

PostPosted: 23.03.2013, 05:29
by Wally
Suuup ^_^
Just did an epic run on Connector, and I'm wondering if that's WR without that stupid cut?! :O
Track Info - TMX


PostPosted: 24.03.2013, 00:43
by nom²
get twitter

PostPosted: 24.03.2013, 00:50
by nom²
no mean to hate you but damn.. you should definitly check out my runs on:
the green hell , calexico and oklahoma's beach

PostPosted: 24.03.2013, 02:42
by Wally
xD? what's the link about connector and those maps :O?

PostPosted: 24.03.2013, 02:49
by nom²
so what is the link about connector and those maps.. i don't get it o_o