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Good old Times ...

PostPosted: 31.01.2014, 16:38
by fallen.soul
Hello again!

look what i recently found:


Says its from 26.07.2009 :D

PostPosted: 02.02.2014, 15:59
by HawkGer
Hey fallen.soul, good to see you again in this forum :)
and yeah indeed, that pic is very cool...I used it so often on graphics for RPG ^^
I couldn't remember all the people in the pic because I was always working with a version without names. Great to see the names again :D

PostPosted: 02.02.2014, 21:11
by beep
pic is 26/07/2009

omg time passed so fast!!! :(

PostPosted: 02.02.2014, 21:34
by occam
Thx for the nice picture :- ) ...a related video-link:

that was a fun journey...did not have that much fun for some time...until two weeks ago, when Hawk, ZiZa, Mario and Futo took me on a little PartyTour during a beta-test of Golo's 'Nos Astra'...

...a path-finding-journey with an RPG-party is one of the things i love most within TM RPG :D

PostPosted: 03.02.2014, 02:52
by Golo
Thats always nice to hear occam :)

Now I wish to even have more pathfinding included on my map,
makes the party even longer :D

PostPosted: 04.02.2014, 15:07
by Nunquam


Re: Good old Times ...

PostPosted: 17.06.2014, 14:28
by digitalworkshed
Cool pic man! Time flies so fast! :D