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my nickname stands for .....


Postby popgun » 13.12.2010, 00:22

Hi all,

I chose my nickname in 1997 when I was a seriously good Quake2 player ( and I mean badass).
You might not remember 1997, as you would have been wearing nappy's (diapers) and chewing a dummy (comforter). :P

Everyone online had really macho 'big guy' names like TERMINATOR :assaultrifle: , KILLFREAK :chainsaw: OR THROATSLASHER :sniper: (Note: These names MUST be spoken in a deep, resonant, manly 'film trailer guy' voice to do justice to the originators).

Anyway I thought 'yeah, whatever' I'll have the most inoffensive girly toy name I can come up with and have some fun.
In quake2 you could write your own 'sneer' captions that showed up when you killed someone, and I did. So when I killed people, up would come:

BIG TOUGH 'KILLFREAKS' HEAD BLOWN CLEAN OFF (with a weasily girls tiny little popgun).


HARDMAN 'THROATSLASHER' MADE TO DANCE, by a nancy boy with a popgun.

You get the picture. Used it ever since. :)

Loads of mods, loads of tracks. Look em up. :)
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Postby Housekeepr » 13.12.2010, 07:58

Nice Story Popgun! I can really see you blasting all those tough morrons trough the game ^^
Played Quake 2 myself a bit, but ended in Unreal Tournament's in the end. :p

But never became a high skilled player, tough i love the texts and the toughts behind it! :D
Proffesional Soldiers are predictable, but the world is full with dangerous Amateurs!
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Postby Brainmaster » 15.12.2010, 16:02

In my group of friends, I've always been "the smart one" ^^
And long time ago when one of my friends wanted me to start playing Runescape, I told him to make the account for me. And he named me Brainmaster.
And i thought it was funny and good name, so i continued using it in other onlinegames.
Thats the origin of my name :D

He also said that a Brainmaster reminded him of some kind of crazy maniac, which according to him, fits my personality...
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Postby trunks_11 » 15.12.2010, 16:13

brainmaster... alive! ^^
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Postby PCC_NS » 05.10.2011, 16:41

papa coin coin says in english: Daddy quack quack

the story of my nickname

there is 7 years old, I lived in an apartment above a pedestrian street.
I was on the third floor and I had three windows facing the street.
one day with two friends, we started each in front of a window
and each in turn we say like duck: quack quack .
and we are hiding
lot of people looked up and tried where it came from

after, one of my friend started doing the sound of a cow
and there it became a true barnyard

this "quack quack" I took him everywhere with me
and even at work, I propagate this sound.

Today "quack quack" is a flail!

and because I am at origin of this trip, I am the father of the "quack quack"
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Postby Worms686 » 16.10.2011, 13:18

Yo noobs, my name has a story too.
It was back in 2004 when i was young i played the game Worms (u know u like it too:p)
So then i started playing the online game Runescape, then i wrote in: worms, and ofcourse, it belonged to some1 els.
Then i got some "numberafterthename" options and took the 686 :D
And after that all my game logins are always named worms686.

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Postby Igntul » 17.10.2011, 14:25

interesting story :D
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Postby simo_900 » 18.10.2011, 12:35

All knows, my real name is simo
And 900 is nice number... ^^
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Postby ...BOOBY... » 10.11.2011, 12:49

Shit, you got meanings of your nicks? Uhm, yeah, when i was the age of 7-8 i loved to swim naked while touching myself. Then i made some birthdaycakes on the boat to china, was trying to impress the neighbour who just watched tv in the other room. Then one day! I promise, this one day. It was a sick day! It was a monday? Maybe tuesday or wednesday, not sure. It could actually have been a thursday also. Still, it was a sick day. Then i grew up a little later.

PS: Boobytrap was just randomly selected for this game, and some sites on the gigantic web. And after a while i decided to be extremly cool and i added ... on each side of my nick and shortened Boobytrap down to Booby, which makes my nick look something like this: "...BOOBY...". And in my opinion it's kinda awesome.
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Re: my nickname stand's for .....

Postby Reyd » 15.03.2014, 15:24

Welp. Not much meaning to mine..."reyd"! But how it came about? Basically I watched fantastic four as a little kid (I made this when I was 8 ) and I saw the flexible dude's name was "reed" so I made it sound the same, just until about when I was 11 I made the pronounciation switch from reed to reyd. But it's always been "reyd"..interesting? Huh? XD
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