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PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 06:20
by Housekeepr
Death Race ? :phatgrin:

PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 11:21
by dose
No, your wrong HousekeepR :thumbdown:

Hint: it's all about textures, holes .....

PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 11:27
by Housekeepr
But Death Race is a good movie :rolleyes:


Make a mod perhaps in the style of Command & COnquer, with Tiberian fields o.O Visceroids and all those weird stuff from the famous game(s) xD

PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 17:31
by Clith
Meccano mod?

PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 19:16
by dose
Clith got it right! MECCANO MOD ;)

PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 20:01
by trunks_11
Promaxer wrote:anyway, ive been making my mod also, can you try guessing the game?


A bioshock mod?

PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 21:02
by Promaxer
yeah trunks!
Ive been also projecting to make another mod:


Can you guess it??

PostPosted: 31.03.2011, 21:52
by nom²
a bioshock mod would be incredibly awesome! i love those dark and a little rusty mods

PostPosted: 01.04.2011, 13:40
by trunks_11
Promaxer wrote:yeah trunks!

Ive been also projecting to make another mod:

Can you guess it??
Fallout 3 :D

PostPosted: 01.04.2011, 18:44
by Promaxer
Yeah trunks, correct again :)
I'm making Bioshock Mod and Fallout Mod 8o

PostPosted: 02.04.2011, 15:14
by trunks_11
I want to have a look at it then Image

Guess the GAME / MOD

PostPosted: 06.08.2016, 20:14
by HaroldMr
._. some how I regret making this game, DANG YOU GOOGLE -------------------- how bout I change it to Guess the game? hows that sound?