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Music for this forum ;)

PostPosted: 09.11.2011, 07:16
by dose
Hi forum's fan !

Yeahhhhhh, im crazaaay!!!
This time Im working on a new track for my girl to sing on;)
But I was testing my Microphones and fx's , when All I could think of was ...
THIS FORUM .ha ha ha ha!!!
So I start to sing anything about this forum
and came out with this short funny demo :dance:

PLAY MUSIC HERE !!! Have fun !

Lyrics (if you want to sing it )

Anonymous, tabasco,
realize2, Occam,
hackger,-|MfG|-Big Al

PostPosted: 09.11.2011, 07:42
by beep
Congrats :thumbsup:

PostPosted: 09.11.2011, 14:03
by nom²

PostPosted: 09.11.2011, 14:32
by dose

PostPosted: 09.11.2011, 15:06
by Tabasco
Nice nice dose.

You are the biggest fan from us......


PostPosted: 09.11.2011, 15:24
by Nunquam
I ain't a portal :nono:

PostPosted: 09.11.2011, 15:44
by dose
Nunquam wrote:I ain't a portal :nono:

LOL, I meant this page ;)

PostPosted: 10.11.2011, 22:37
by -|MfG|-Big Alâ„¢
LOL, cool fun :thumbsup:

PostPosted: 21.09.2013, 12:37
by MadeAnonymous

PostPosted: 23.09.2013, 11:11
by fleshback
nice bassline :thumbup:

Re: Music for this forum ;)

PostPosted: 20.05.2016, 21:48
by GoodVibes89
I'm listening to music to Prince