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TM2 or TMUF?

TM2 or TMUF?

Postby Promaxer » 13.01.2012, 01:18

So ive been thinking about buying TrackMania United OR Trackmania 2 Canyon, most possibly ill buy United, but i wanted to hear you guys thought about it, and this might also help other people that are in doubt.
I ain't a totally RPG player so ive thought about buying TMU to have some fun, but i want to hear your guys thoughts about what i should get.

And Thanks for your time. ;)
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Postby Sensi » 13.01.2012, 12:44

TMU <3
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Postby PCC_NS » 13.01.2012, 15:26

i really like Stadium !
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Postby XT3 » 13.01.2012, 15:35

TMUF has more evirments. I am waiting till there is more and a price for the envirments grouped togather
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Postby eie » 13.01.2012, 23:27

Wait for next TM2 environment?
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