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White Fog?

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 11:52
by Panasco
I am currently working on a new track and really need white fog for the MT work.
I tried a lot of settings with FX colours, but I only ended up with some blurry overexposed crap without any contrast :thumbdown:
So, is there a way to create white fog without using images?
(I know how to create normal fog, and that works with any colour but white :dash: )

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 13:30
by XT3
AHH but it is possible to create fog with white ive done it before. Also I have add fog in a mod. But I don't know why it wouldn't work

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 14:04
by Panasco
I don't know much about the MT, but to determine the fog's colour you can 'play' with the 3 settings for green, red and blue. But in whatever combination I set them, it won't give me white :!: ;(

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 14:34
by XT3
What two are you using? FXMotionblur is needed. TO the left is black on all three and to the right is all white. So are you messing with the satuation?

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 17:32
by Panasco
? I am using motionblur
But with the FXcolour settings I can only make black fog by denying all colours, but how do I get white :?:
Edit: I tried some other settings, and ended up with this:

Is there a way to make the fog more white?

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 17:45
by HawkGer
You might find your answer in the first video of this post:
Trackmania RPG blog: RPG Track building - techniques, features & resources

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 17:55
by Panasco
Aah no, thx Hawk, but I already know that video and I do know jow to create fog, I just don't know how to make it white! :D

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 18:22
by XT3
Let me try ive made white fog before

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 18:34
by Panasco
I'm not sure how you mean it, but I can't send you the track since I want to participate in a contest with it

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 18:52
by HawkGer
nevermind. And I just noticed I can't delete any posts anymore even though I'm admin :huh:

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 20:10
by dose

just use a picture in png or DDS format so you get transparency and clouds (fog) where you want and the color you need.
make multiples frame of the same image but with different fog design and then simply use
some AT DIFFERENT SIZE ( RESIZE IN MT) to make the effect wanted

the only little problem , is that you have to copy it on every "cp" or MT track you made.

good luck !

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 20:13
by XT3
Or edit the Grass in the mod! yes! The void mod creates mist far in the distance depending on how high the structures are!

PostPosted: 08.02.2013, 20:55
by Panasco
Hmm okay thanks for your replies!
But I think neither of them will work for me:
I already need the fog at the very first cp, and (it is a pathfinding map, and when it is chosen for the contest) nobody will want to wait for pictures to load (since the first finisher wins).

And since I have absolutely no experience with modding the void-mod thing won't work for me either :whistling:
(And I won't need the fog effect the whole time)

PostPosted: 11.02.2013, 18:07
by Voyager006
Putting "Brightness" all the way to right and adding FX Bloom might help a little.
You won't get it brighter though, the MT isn't able to output completely white fog.

I guess you have to mess with screen settings to oversaturate it, but then the experience varies between users :pinch:

At least the fog is much better than in TM2 Canyon :P