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Media Tracker Priorities

Postby holzbalken » 24.02.2013, 23:00


am I the only one for whom the priorities of the mediatracker are totally random or do I just do something wrong?

Example: I just finished making an intro, now I save the intro-mt and add it as a "rewatch the intro"-mt at the startblock. Whilst now in the intro I have a stripe of text with a background I just have the background floating there and one can see the text moving BELOW it. If I now reopen the map and trigger the MT ingame, it randomly either works or it doesnt.

Is that a common problem/bug of two overlapping texts/backgrounds or am I doing something wrong?

Greets and thx
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Postby Golo » 25.02.2013, 00:06

Yeah I also remember this at one of my tracks... I think its a common thing... not sure if theres any way to avoid that...
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Postby maxi031 » 25.02.2013, 03:44

I think the solution for that was Depth property.
Smaller values are on top and bigger are behind.
If you leave it unchanged then all layers have same depth and it goes random.
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Postby holzbalken » 25.02.2013, 11:16

awyeah! thx a very (very) lot to you maxi!
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