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PostPosted: 04.08.2013, 20:17
by XdaC
I dont know how to explain what i want to know..

i want a start like this track and i dont now how to do it, i tried thousends things but nothing works and i also cant find a tutorial for this..does somebody know how to do this kind of start? one side "with MT", other side "without MT"

PostPosted: 04.08.2013, 23:26
by popgun
Sure, you can see the same effect on my 'All Gods Within' track and 'The Lagoon'.
Force the player to drive one way or the other at the start.
Way one has a trigger, that, if it has been triggered allows all other MT clips to work, way 2 is a dud.
All MT clips after that would be along the lines of :

If clip 1 is triggered, then ...

It's really easy, but can restrict you if other clips need triggering too, as in, if clip 1 is triggered AND clip 4 is triggered then... won't work. It's a limitation of the logic options in MT.

Hope that helps

pop :)

PostPosted: 05.08.2013, 12:43
by XdaC
thank you for the fast answere!

hmm..that means if i already did the MTwork and want to add this effect its more or less impossible? because i dont know how much clips i've already set, thats a lot. to much to count. did i understood this right?