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Platform mixing

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Platform mixing

Postby J0ker » 05.02.2014, 19:11

Hi i want to ask if someone know how to do a small hole between 2 stadiumplatforms :d Help please :evilgrin:
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Postby gugaruz » 05.02.2014, 19:25

i don't think there is recipe for it.
test and add some blockmixes and drive against it. Bugging is more easier if you build things near to another(up and under). Here are some blocks where is it easily to get down e.g with speed:

-under the sculpt blocks
-under the cp blocks and this row in the editor (when you drive to the middle)
-on dirt or grass it's more easier

and yes, i think with these blocks it should be easy, maybe there are some more, but i don't know them

hope i can help you

cheers gugaruz

-normal road (when you go from the side with speed to the middle)
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Postby J0ker » 05.02.2014, 19:28

I found it :d i changed the variation in CE to 16 and the platform shortened and ty for help
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Postby Geekthenet » 06.02.2014, 09:50

Yes you have to change to 16 , it's the magical number ;)
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