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Removing grass

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Removing grass

Postby ozik » 31.05.2015, 16:48

It is possible to remove this element?

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Re: Removing grass

Postby skyslide » 31.05.2015, 18:47

Nop , not yet.
Maybe later , check the wishlist for MP 4.0
https://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic ... &start=390

Maxi wrote good ideas :)
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Re: Removing grass

Postby Loe » 02.06.2015, 07:46

I guess it was poss in tm1 and trackstudio, use the add block tool and place some different blocks under the grass.
But well u needed tmunlimiter then, and its tm1 and not tm2.
Sorry for this sensless comment.
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