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MT replay backwards

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MT replay backwards

Postby luckypech » 30.05.2011, 15:39


I want to create a replay thatis played backwards while playing the track.I want to let a car go straight up, but the only way i think i can do this is by letting a car fall down and playing it of backwards.

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Postby HawkGer » 31.05.2011, 14:55

that's sadly not possible :(
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Postby Skeleton » 31.05.2011, 15:31

If you're talking about something like an helicopter taking off you can do it with a camera to give the illusion of it going up. Here's an example where the car is on a cp with a block mixed into it so I'm just wheel spinning against a bumper and not actually moving.

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Postby trunks_11 » 31.05.2011, 16:01

there are other ways to do that... you got to build a ramp where you want to get up, and then drive over the ramp, save replay and then just erase the ramp, then it looks like you go up :)
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Postby luckypech » 11.08.2011, 12:21

I just found a way to do it
i used it on the track below, added as intro, in game and outro.
It has a porblem if you want to watch it 2 times or more without a finish.

Track Info - TMX

Hope you like it too. ^^
Have another question however now.
If u use 1 replay 20 times does it takes space for 20 replays or does it tkaes place for 1 replay?

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Postby dose » 11.08.2011, 20:54

your link is wrong ^^

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Postby luckypech » 12.08.2011, 08:14

should work now
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Postby Niiel-Moo » 12.08.2011, 08:25

It works now :P :)
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Postby DeathCookies » 23.10.2012, 18:21

Well this topic is a bit old but anyways i found the solution!
I know how to play any ghost backwards but i dont know if the others already know^^
So if anybody is interessted in then i can make a little tutorial to make it real smooth...
The previous given solution is good but not that smooth...
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