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restart a Madiatracker animation.

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restart a Madiatracker animation.

Postby XT3 » 14.04.2012, 01:26

:cursing: I AM :cursing: pissed off. anyways does anyone know how to restart a trigger that holds a long animation? Instead mine for some reason? and then it just continues till it ends and restarts. IT ANNOYING ME TO THE POINT OF SWEARING AND MAYBE breaking my key board in frusteration. I restart at the CP and resart at the start nothing workS!!! I AM :cursing: pissing me off. I am using this for my newest RPG If you know what it is then good for you. So it cant continue it till i get this storted out.
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Postby dose » 14.04.2012, 04:40

im not sure to 100% of what you are asking but here my answer

maybe, in the mt trigger that you have the movie you did, you need to CHECK the "continu playing" box.
everything in the trigger need to be "continu playing".

Hope this was your question ^^

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Postby XT3 » 14.04.2012, 12:29

No its not, on. trust me. I don't have in clicked
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Postby __Tornado__ » 15.04.2012, 14:17

Sorry, not idea.
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