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StadiumCircuitBorderRlopeGTCurve2OutLeftTop ?

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StadiumCircuitBorderRlopeGTCurve2OutLeftTop ?

Postby kill-evil » 03.07.2012, 15:42

Hello rpg community.
If I post it it's because I need help.
In wanting to open a map, a message indicating a problem came prevents me from opening it.

I try to find this bloc but nothing call "StadiumCircuitBorderRlopeGTCurve2OutLeftTop" I search it ~1h.
I don't use united blocs in this track.
I hope that somebody can help me.

Please tell me if you know anything about this mysterious bolc

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Postby eie » 03.07.2012, 18:06

Your title is bad.

You haven't mentioned what you did on the track before this happend;
It is likely you have used an external editor and had an unfortunate accident.

This ought to happen once in a while, and when it does, you should resort to your last backup of the track and continue from there.

I'm sorry but I am to no further help. I hope everything works out in the end(it usually doesn't in such cases)
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Postby Igntul » 03.07.2012, 18:45

TS mixed up names
just find a backup of it from the TrackStudio data folder

edit: this kind of bug happens way more often when you try to copy other people's tracks
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