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Shadow Problems

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Shadow Problems

Postby D?vils?ng?l » 16.01.2013, 16:30

Hi all i was wondering if anyone could help me, ive just created this mod which was to be put on a map in night mood, it all looked really well in the editor up untill i put it up on the server, i heard that once on the server you dont see the shadows so i added all of the defaulted shadows over to the moods folder even lowering the exposure on some with my mod being light and still it all looks too light, any ideas how to fix this please :)
this screenshot is in the editor

and this one is on the server, both night mood

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Postby Roman4r » 16.01.2013, 18:19

I think when you load shadows on editor it save on file sited on cache folder C:\ProgramData\TrackMania\Cache and have name like this: A04362CD75621DE9BB0F9BA6E818746D_roman_4r.watsap5.8.1.Night.LightMap.zip.

then as I have understood if loads shadows offline either the editor or "player", that file is saved in the cache and when you enter the online server and loads that track and you should load the shadows well. At least in my case that happens

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Postby dose » 16.01.2013, 18:44

Since ive made a lot of mods I remember having this problem.
But its not "YOUR" problem:) let me explain:

If you have a powerfull PC and make your mod while your setting are on (see pic #1 )


hope it help !im not just sure if lower the shader quality - good luck

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Postby D?vils?ng?l » 16.01.2013, 19:49

thankyou for your replies :) i know its nothing left in my cache folder because ive cleared it each time ive edited the mod, my ingame settings for the shadows was set at medium, ive just set it to high to see if it looks any better, is that what you were meaning and is the screenshot from in a game :)
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