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[Request] Candy Mod

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 14:20
by eie
I know there's a lot of mod creators out there just waiting to make another mod, so here's your chance :D

It'd be have to be done by Tuesday. Any Tuesday really.

So what kind of mod you ask? Well some months ago (ok, years ago) I was talking to brutal, and he had an awesome idea for a duomap (which for some reason was never even started on(and it probably won't ever be finished)). And I quoteth: "Hmm... shall we make a giant cake ?"(I hope it's ok for him to be quoted,) Nevertheless, this is still a really cool idea, but the problem is that there are no mods that would fit this theme AFAIK. Therefore, I request that a mod of this kind would be built.

For inspiration, you might want to have a look at this epic classic by crusard, which unfortunately is made for TMN (lacking a lot of the textures needed in TMNF)
Sweet Dreams:

Thanks in advance, eie

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 15:06
by Golo
I already did one for a track which was planned to be a candy-themed track and is now called "The march of time 2" ;)
But I just mixed textures of sweet dreams mod and chocolate mountain mod and made 2 own textures I think,
so I guess its not what youre looking for ? !

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 15:11
by HawkGer
there are like 0 good cake textures I could find on the internet. Either you have to pay, they are too small or too blurry. One would have to be very creative with finding good textures.

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 15:21
by XT3
mmm I can try to create textures! mm might take awhile. I have illustrator Ill need to know the exact pixal dimentions tho. Ill try my hand at it I can try but don't know how good it'll be

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 16:10
by eie
[quote='Golo','index.php?page=Thread&postID=9612#post9612']chocolate mountain mod
Is that my mod? :3

Also it would be better with less talky talky- more actual mods :D do you have it still?

@XT3 the more candymods, the better. I don't think I'll be using two mods, but if yours turns out better than golo's, I'll be using that one for sure.

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 16:23
by XT3
Well I am working on something else but i can start on it atleast sometime. The TMX link is the track right that you want to use the mod on right?

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 16:52
by Reahx
haha i am building a map with the same mod :D

but the mod is updated

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 17:24
by HawkGer
I'm working on the candy mod right now, found a nice texture :D

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 17:26
by dose
no way , im working on candy mod now to, maybe we should mix ;) im missing some textures ;)))

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 17:34
by XT3
Yeah a what three way mod makers? Ill work on my later today. I can create vector textures making them into rastor texxtures of i could make the moods ^__^

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 17:51
by Golo
yeah its your mod ^^

I still have it, here is version 1 -
and version 2 (cloud9) -

but I think xt3, hawk and dose projects are more promising anyway

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 18:03
by XT3
true the only good one i made was Ghost's Lantern anyways >__<

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 18:50
by eie
XT3 wrote:The TMX link is the track right that you want to use the mod on right?

That track is not my work, so no ^^ It was purely meant as an example of how such a mod could look like =)

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 19:17
by eie
Golo wrote:yeah its your mod ^^

Haha I like how I unintentionally made the chocolate mod :D
It looks great btw, although it will never look like chocolate to me because that's not what I tried to make :p
I'll use it as a back-up, but I wanna see what you other creators can come up with ^^ Maybe there should be another RPG Building Competition featuring all these candy mods ^^

Edit: Bonus image - Castle of chocolate :D

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 23:31
by HawkGer
my mod is nearly finished. Just needs some Dirt textures maybe and some polishing. I will be gone over the weekend though, so only a teaser for now.

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 23:40
by Golo
geez, that looks cool.
But maybe the platformFloor texture is too detailed ?! (cant really judge from that screen)

PostPosted: 31.01.2013, 23:51
by HawkGer
I never noticed that it's too detailed. I think it fits right in.
And you get one more teaser for your compliment :D

PostPosted: 01.02.2013, 00:29
by Golo
looks great! Do I get another pic for that compliment? :P

You took that Platformfloor texture from sweet dreams mod right?
I always thought that it looks good on the circuit blocks but detailed (the drops are very close and small) on the "wall" blocks like wallrides, especially if you want to build bigger walls with it and look from a bigger distance... phew, very hard to explain what I mean.. and maybe its just my personal taste.

PostPosted: 01.02.2013, 00:55
by HawkGer
for that mockery you get a brain surgery in which that previous image will be removed from your memories :evilgrin: I haven't seen/played sweet dreams in ages....I just happened to see that texture while browsing and thought it would fit nicely. And it doesn't really look like the one from sweet dreams, I just checked :D
But you are right....for really big walls the texture could be too detailed. But I also love it on individual blocks. So I think I'm not gonna change it. Especially since that texture took ages (okay...a few minutes ^^) to align properly....

PostPosted: 01.02.2013, 01:21
by Golo
Are we talking about the same texture? It looks 100% like the one from sweet dreams :D
And yeah, no need to change also in my opinion as, just as you said, it looks very nice on individual blocks!

EDIT: BIG EDIT ACTUALLY: OK, I also checked it and....... youre right :D I had it wrong in my mind Im sorry^^ so based on that I can also not say how it looks, so just forget what I said :thumbsup:
+ I love that circuit textures, looks like a tasty chocolate cream.. damn now Im getting hungry as well :D

PostPosted: 01.02.2013, 08:04
by Reahx
Lol all that screens from hawk are from my and simo duo map ^^

PostPosted: 02.02.2013, 23:18
by HawkGer
that track is awesome for mod-testing and making screens because of the block density and the awesome design :D
But apparently my mod sucked....or so eie told me in very kind and long words. I made an improved version now. I hope he likes it better. I'm a bit afraid actually I get rejected a second time xD
Btw. it's not really a cake mod's mostly just chocolate now. But if you are a chocolate fan I'm sure you can imagine a very chocolate-rich cake :D

PostPosted: 02.02.2013, 23:30
by XT3
MM nice but I don't eat chocolate for one reason.

PostPosted: 02.02.2013, 23:38
by eie
Well hawk, your first version... lacked... certain... qualities ^^
The second version is something I'd actually like to use, and I think you should release that one even if you were make a third version =))

edit: I was actually inspired by this mod to eat chocolate, and that's what I'm eating atm. I thought you'd like to know that ;)

PostPosted: 03.02.2013, 10:33
by Reahx
Haha thx hawk :)

Your mod looks very nice hawk :D

all that chocolate looks great :thumbsup: