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Texturechange Circuit -> Inflatable

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Texturechange Circuit -> Inflatable

Postby holzbalken » 17.04.2013, 15:27

Hey Community,

I have a very concrete problem: My plan was it to change the texture of the InflatableSupport (upper side) to the texture of the CircuitBase (upper side too) of the same mod. Now it appears, as the modders of you guys might know, that the repetition of the actually inserted texture is different (x3 and x9) in both of the blocks - is it still possible to make them look the same without having to use a totally symmetric texture for that?

Thank you!

(If you can and want: I'm talking about the Broken-Hull mod - I would be very happy if someone managed to do the infla-texture for me.)

Normally, it looks like: Image

I want it to look like: Image
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Postby popgun » 17.04.2013, 22:05

The alternative is to modify the StadiumPlatform texture to look like the inflatable roof like this:


Get the D, S & N files in this zip if this is useful

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Postby holzbalken » 18.04.2013, 11:32

hm, thought about that too, hoped that there would be a solution the other way round too - thanks anyway, i think i will be solving it your way then. :)
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