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Glossy Effect

PostPosted: 08.01.2014, 21:43
by D?vils?ng?l
Hi i was wondering if someone could please advise me on the textures in tm2 stadium, ive looked up some info and know the normal map images have to be in the 3Dc format, i have also noticed the specular maps are a little different to tm1 files too, i think ive managed to get the 3dc files something like the default ones but not so sure about the specular map images, i have been messing for so long trying different things i did finally get it looking pretty good and then i couldnt remember what changes i had made :S im keep ending up with the glossy affect like the screenshot below and i think ive got the files something like the default
ive tried different things like blocking out each channel seeing if i can loose that shine, any help would be very much appreciated :)

PostPosted: 08.01.2014, 22:13
by XT3
The alpha Channel is the problem its Black or White I don't remember that makes its Glossy or not.

PostPosted: 08.01.2014, 23:13
by D?vils?ng?l
thanks XT3 but im not so sure, the more changes im making to the normal map images its changing the gloss affect :S

PostPosted: 08.01.2014, 23:22
by popgun
Hi XT3,

For normal maps, just apply the Nvidea filter and save as 3Dc 8bpp|Normal Map. No copying red to alpha required anymore.

For speculars, Add an alpha Channel, Copy the Blue channel to the alpha channel, delete the blue channel to black, darken the alpha channel A LOT. The more you darken it, the more matte the surface appears. Now save as DXT5 interpolated alpha.

Diffuse textures should be DXT1 4bpp|no alpha, although I've noticed that DXT1 4bpp|1 bit alpha works too. Just don't create an alpha channel if you save to that format.


PostPosted: 08.01.2014, 23:29
by D?vils?ng?l
Thankyou very much, ill try that now :)

PostPosted: 08.01.2014, 23:52
by D?vils?ng?l
tried it on the setting sand im still getting his very glossy shine :( VVCap Image

PostPosted: 08.01.2014, 23:57
by popgun
Hi Shady,

Your speculars alpha channel should be almost black, to kill shine. In photoshop take the brightness slider right down, and click ok. Then do it 2 more times.

I'm not joking.


PostPosted: 09.01.2014, 16:01
by D?vils?ng?l
Thanks a lot for you help, i do feel like im getting somewhere now, after lots of experimenting i have noticed the more depth i add to the normal map image the more a glossy look i get to the bricks and the alpha layer in the specular map is very close to black, i would really like the brick work to have some depth and stand out but im not sure how to without every bump having that glossy look, if i dont have a lot of depth it looks fine but very flat, ill try play about with some different textures and see how i go :)

PostPosted: 13.01.2014, 03:18
by HawkGer
yes, glossiness is linked to the depth of the normal texture. Sorry for not responding earlier, could have saved you some time. Usually a depth of 5 works for most textures. If you want to have more depth and don't have the glossiness I guess you will have to make the alpha channel in your specular texture more black :)

PostPosted: 21.01.2014, 23:28
by D?vils?ng?l
Thankyou for your help :)