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HELP - Subfolder Objects

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HELP - Subfolder Objects

Postby rycardoo » 26.01.2014, 14:46

Hey all
How can I get subfolder for objects. ?(

What is the frequency for each subfolder regarding each item?
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Postby ZiZa » 26.01.2014, 15:59

you can just place them into subfolders when importing, then the importer will create the same folders in the Items-folder for you. The maximum folder-depth is limited to two subfolders tho. Also note that you cannot change the folders after you created the items, the path is stored inside the gbx-file. Also trackfiles wont recognize items you moved to another folder. So best is to think about a good folder-structure and stick to it then
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Postby rycardoo » 26.01.2014, 21:36

Thanks for the info.
But the style of Nadeo is possible.
What is process for that?


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