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Mod TM2

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Mod TM2

Postby skyslide » 02.06.2014, 09:47


I'm planning a big rpg project, but I need to the appropriate mod.
there are mods that could be suitable, but I would like to change a few things that do not fit in the mod, in my opinion, such a bright grass even though the mod has dark grass
I have absolutely no idea how to deal with textures (in paint.net), I'm looking for who can help with this someone who knows someone out?
and can someone tell me if have the tp-blocks own textures me? (Not based on stadium-texture) maybe I then tell them what I intend to build :)

They hover :)
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Re: Mod TM2

Postby ZiZa » 02.06.2014, 15:00

hey there!

The TP blocks use special textures which are included in the mod. Our mod-mastermind is currently on vacation, but i'm sure he can help you out a bit once he returns(end of the month as far as i know). But we have other talented artists aswell, maybe one of them can help you out. Just one thing to keep in mind: TM2 mods are quite complicated and timeconsuming to create, so make sure your project will make it to release when you request a custom made mod.

greetings, ZiZa
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Re: Mod TM2

Postby XT3 » 03.06.2014, 20:42

What ZiZa said is true. The TP uses a set of textures for the mod which do add a lot more thought into making a mod. I only converted two mods. One of mine and another which I need some more textures to release in full. Now the mods are not easy as you need a theme and an idea. First, what is the track and what is the idea you want to use?

You need to mod around the track and make the mod while building the track. That's how my Ghost's Lantern mod was made. Building both at once. Also Its not easy to do. I can help but I am busy. A lot... Too many hobbies but I am willing to help.
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