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texture MOD: StadiumFabricL

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texture MOD: StadiumFabricL

Postby PCC_NS » 22.08.2012, 11:58

Yop !

I make a mod and I need help for a texture "StadiumFabricL"
I would like to create an effect blood drop
I tried this, the report is on the StadiumCircuitD



the quality is not great
Can you help me?
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Postby Igntul » 22.08.2012, 16:43

i think its easier to just do it on the original texture of the fabric instead that on the L
the image is small so it will always be bad quality
plus its a light texture, so it will look flashy.. i think doing it on the normal texture is better
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Postby XT3 » 22.08.2012, 17:44

well only the lights glow color many i can remove the glow of lights by making it black on the L file. THough cool lighting effects can be made with the L files
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