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How do I get my map played on a server?

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How do I get my map played on a server?

Postby Panasco » 27.01.2013, 11:25

Heyho, as you can already guess from the titel, I have some trouble with my RPG (TMX ).
I released it a few days ago, but it hsan't been played on any servers yet ?( :thumbdown:
However, on many RPG servers there are a lot (often really bad) RPGs from completely unknown builders, just like me. So, by what creteria is a map chosen to be played on a server?
Illuminate me, please ;(
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Postby ZiZa » 27.01.2013, 11:37

best way to get your track known is when it's played on one of the "big" servers.

Talk to admins on for example: Unlimited / TAF Rpg / RPG Spain ...

BUT: be aware that admins may not add your tracks without testing, they even might not be willing to add it at all, so dont annoy them by posting "admin add XXXXXX please" all the time. Just ask them to consider adding it, it may just work ;)

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Postby Roman4r » 27.01.2013, 12:08

I will add it on RPGspain server now .D and test it
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Postby Panasco » 27.01.2013, 14:21

Okay, thanks, I'll try it :)
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Postby eie » 27.01.2013, 15:00

I usually just spam until they add. Usually works, after a few weeks of daily spamming.
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Postby XT3 » 27.01.2013, 15:45

IU had huge mixed reviews will only about six. A lot liked the mod and atmosphere. SO it was on a test server. So I feel its all about the first look on theTMX page on TMXU and TMXN
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Postby taf_ziza » 27.01.2013, 15:51

for taf, map is on test server :crazy: just wait ^^
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