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Vinummusik Server Migration Complete

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Vinummusik Server Migration Complete

Postby HawkGer » 15.01.2014, 19:45

I feel like opening this thread to explain the recent outages of the vinummusik webspace.

What happened was that after the titlepack launch the traffic on the vinummusik webspace shot up to over 6TB/month. Evidently my webspace provider "Revido.de" did not like that and decided to quickly shut down access to the webspace (without even any warnings I might add).
After explaining to them that they did not have any legal basis for that (I bought an unlimited traffic plan) they opened the webspace up again with a "plea" to me that I should reduce my traffic. Just ridiculous. They even rejected my offer to move to a different hoster.

So last week they entered the second round and just shut down the webspace again. This time for good. Of course again without any reason or warning or notice. This time they finally accepted my offer of moving to a different hoster after threatening them with a lawsuit :grumble:

We are now hosting vinummusik at OVH.com. At a slightly higher price but with a lot more features.
This company also has a better reputation than revido, so we are hoping to have no more outages in the future.
Also, feel free to contribute to ruining the reputation of revido. Words cannot describe my hate for that company :cursing:

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

On a plus side, we now have more webspace available than ever. So feel free to send me your mods and media files, we can host them!
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Postby XT3 » 15.01.2014, 20:08

Well i'll hit you with a large mod soon. Its almost done converting need to add in some textures for the RPG pack(one file) and see if I can change the sun rays colors in the sky or better yet remove them. :D
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Postby ZiZa » 15.01.2014, 20:39

We're quite happy that we finally moved away from revido. Ofcourse this meant quite some work, lots of gigabytes had to be moved around. But OVH seems to be a good place to host stuff. If you encounter any problems with vinummusik-hosted content just let us know
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Postby Tabasco » 16.01.2014, 15:13

Be little frightened to this thread.
I dont know about that.

A solution for that, write me a PM and all were good.

I know people at alfahosting and can talk to them.

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Postby HawkGer » 16.01.2014, 15:23

thanks, but it's not really needed anymore since we are quite happy with our new hoster now :)
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