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ManiaPlanet Update Information

PostPosted: 05.09.2011, 15:01
by Tabasco
The overall download size is: 330Mo.

The game first downloads the new updater, and asks to restart.
Then the launcher completes this first part of the update (requesting administrator rights twice)
When you launch the game again, it will complete the update.
An other restart of the game is required for the launcher to complete the installation.
Done. Enjoy the new version!

Some changes:

improved updater
improved multiplayer experience, with a new podium sequence, smoother map loading.
a few new blocks, including coloring lights in freeride and gp tilt transitions
new mediatracker features, including the global clip
camera 1 and 3 are changed and can change again later
import of cars possible with damage and suspensions
Bug fixes:
* known start tricks have been removed
* the rounds mode now works better (ladder, other cars are less jumpy..)
* many others...
A few things have changed in this version that need special attention:

warning all input bindings are reset to default.

warning the car models from TMF no longer work, you need to use car specifically made for ManiaPlanet.

warning Maniascript syntax has changed slightly regarding libraries, so scripts may no longer work and need to be updated.

warning While previous maps are compatible, it will display nothing in multiplayer ending sequence. You will have to put a podium block in your maps and compute shadows again.

warning There are a few incompatible changes in the manialinks:
* the "addplayerid" feature has been removed (there's a new authentication system "ManiaConnect ")
* the useragent in http requests has been changed.

warning It is very common during many previous beta in years that players think that we changed the gameplay. It is often a perception, we have not volontary changed the gameplay. PF are no longer compatible because of start bloc change.

We can have made a bigger post, with more fixes information and change list, but we have really many things to do as well. We wish you best with this beta 4. (yes, it's the 4th one, we had 2 beta versions before opening the public Beta).

Good luck have fun!
Nadeo Team

PostPosted: 05.09.2011, 17:31
by dose
Ooo !!! WAS waiting for this ^^

BTW, strangely I have only 294 mb of 2nd update (when prompt to restart)

PostPosted: 05.09.2011, 17:44
by Tabasco
Dont forget to update serverversion.

Nobody can join

PostPosted: 05.09.2011, 17:46
by dose
yeah!!! Ive got all !! I see they change the color of the menu background^^
np, i can go online now;)

PostPosted: 14.09.2011, 15:50
by Tabasco
The player having the multiplayer beta should now be downloading the update to the full game.

A know issueis that the betas updater for windows XP users is clumsy, and just plain doesn't work for some people.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

PostPosted: 14.09.2011, 16:29
by Mario
Let it all Begin! ;) again!

PostPosted: 14.09.2011, 22:16
by dose
this time is "retail version update" ^^

161 mb !

Have fun!!