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Still active ?

PostPosted: 27.01.2012, 15:29
by Golo
Hey all out there...

Ive been gone fr a while, as I didnt have a computer and Internet anyway,

I played other games a bit during that time but I missed TM a little bit, because of the community and its creativity...

The question is if the whole thing is still alive o quite dead, Ive seen some great new tracks, created during my non-TM days, but Im not sure if theres yet still enough activity to motivate me to build tracks again.

As it seems there arent a lot RPG-builders in TM2... I dont have TM2 but I already predicted that it wont be a good envioment for RPGs and Im afraid thats how it turned out. So got these guys back to Stadium or are many tired f the enviroment and its limit or maybe of TM and playing in general ;)

So, would be nice to see honest awnsers :)

PostPosted: 27.01.2012, 16:28
by Mario
TM RPG is still very active golo ;) and i dont know any rpg player who sticks at tm2 and dont play tm1 anymore, so dont worry ;)

PostPosted: 27.01.2012, 16:43
by Shortz
pleas come back golo to stadium, we

PostPosted: 30.01.2012, 17:53
by Golo
ah, thanks for these encouraging words ^^

Ill see what I can do in the next time...

Still, it seems that there are fewer tracks in the last time...

its too bad when I think about it, the possibilities are very limited nowadays but without much effort

there could be lots of whole new things to do,

just with a few new useful blocks, movable plattform blocks or the possibility to integrate mor than one mod into a track so that one could choose between textures and those things...

that would be great and way more useful than any new enviroment because any other car physic just wont work for these kind of tracks :(

well, just my thoughts :P

PostPosted: 31.01.2012, 17:55
by Igntul
why do i always agree with you?

btw about new blocks to stadium, you actually can use all envi (except canyon ofc) blocks in stadium with TMUnlimiter v4, but again this stupid thing that you need unlimiter to play those maps -.-
it demotivates so many people knowing that only a few can try their tracks

PostPosted: 01.02.2012, 12:03
by Niiel-Moo
And you also need TMUnited..

PostPosted: 01.02.2012, 15:15
by nom²
no, not really.

PostPosted: 01.02.2012, 20:50
by trunks_11
ehm, you really need tmunited for that envi mix... not?

PostPosted: 02.02.2012, 17:09
by snellejasper
I can't open them, also using tmunlimiter. It's just because I don't have united

PostPosted: 02.02.2012, 20:21
by trunks_11
ok... so you need united

PostPosted: 02.02.2012, 22:55
by Golo
...which would be logical, how else is the game supposed to load the blocks of other enviroments? ;)

I didnt know about the new Unlimiter, so thanks for the information ^^
Although its not very easy two combine other enviroments with stadium, I actually think that there is some good new potential for fresh tracks... its a little bit sad that many people cant open the tracks though as you siad ign... the RPG community isnt that big anyway, so its indeed a very little appreciation you can get... but I still think about building such a track as I have already an idea ;)

What would interrest me is...: Is it possible to build a mod for more than one enviroment? So that you as example modifie also alpine blocks in an stadium mod and when you open a new stadium track with this mod the new alpine textures also appear?

PostPosted: 03.02.2012, 16:49
by trunks_11
Well, we already talked about that, but we didn't find a way... maybe there is, maybe there's not, just try a bit :D

PostPosted: 03.02.2012, 18:56
Another solution more simple is to choose a mod themed like the environment that you want to put in your track.
For example :

natural mod with rally blocks : Track Info - TMX

ice mod with alpine blocks : Track Info - TMX

There are a lot of differents mods nowadays, so i think it's possible. ;)

I think we are very active and in the good work

PostPosted: 04.02.2012, 16:00
by __Tornado__
My vote is for this wonderful work:

Orlok's Mansion - >Katodik< Track Info - TMX

That was a great year (2011)

I dont think we are losing force. RPG blog is active and doing a great work, 2011 was a very good year and if we continue in this good way we are going to be here almost forever like the title of the game says.


Tornado :monster: :lol: :xeno: