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The Big Road Challenge

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The Big Road Challenge

Postby RPG-BLOG.bot » 15.06.2012, 16:48

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<u><b>More Information :</b> </u>
Hi all, let me present you The Big Roag Challenge, a RoundRace on the crazy map from n0xx : The Hiatus Dawn
one round for Fun the june 23th at 21H00 gmt
login server : tafdirt1

<a href="http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=4920331#auto">tmx link</a>
The track have to be open with <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?24bbxbcvmlvmksy">tm unlimiter</a>.If you don't open Tm with TmUnlimiter, you can't play the track !
Copy all files from the archive in <i>Program files/TmUnitedForever</i>
And then start the game using TMUnlimiter.exe

<a href="http://thebigroadchallenge.xooit.fr/index.php">The Big Road Challenge forum</a>

<b>Prize Table :</b> (thx team TAF / team ACT / bzh-J
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