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pulse. ziza RPG Contest 2019

pulse. ziza RPG Contest 2019

Postby Nunquam » 28.09.2019, 14:45

After having spent countless hours on planning and writing everything, the rules of pulse. ziza RPG contest 2019 are now definitive and the Google sheet has been created.
You can join the official discord here : https://discord.gg/dEfcZ9e
You can check the Google sheet here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Most important info:
- Contest starts on Sat. 19 October 2019
- Grand final: Sun. 17 November 2019
- 3 categories: building contest, hunting contest and special events.
- Best players in each category can win prizes.
- Special events are not compulsary for the hunting contest but offer advantages / personal rewards.
- Not finishing the individual special event will inflict you a penalty in the Grand Final (15 seconds for each round of the QF + SF)
- Main event: 3 map packs consisting of 5 maps each.
- Your score will be calculated on your 3 best local records. 6 players qualified for the Grand Final per map pack.
- No registration needed except for 2 special events (relay race + KO race)
- Awesome prizes already available but this is bound to evolve : this is the only thing that is not definitive yet!
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