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PostPosted: 26.08.2013, 16:31
by XdaC
Final version of my track for your contest was sent to :D

PostPosted: 30.08.2013, 09:37
by Rider

PostPosted: 19.09.2013, 12:34
by MisterT
Hello, im also giving it a go for a track,
but im facing a problem :) I've made some .bik files for it, but tm says the
dropbox url is a wrong url, and before i used fileden, but that site is gone now.
Is there an other good for uploading files for TM?

greetz and good luck guys!

PostPosted: 19.09.2013, 14:19
by XdaC
MisterT wrote:I've made some .bik files for it, but tm says the
dropbox url is a wrong url

i make my tracks with dropbox too, the url isnt wrong, you just have to change the "https://www.blablabla" to "http://dl.blablabla" then everything will work with dropbox

PostPosted: 19.09.2013, 22:33
by MisterT
Thanks for the reply!!
and its so easy to fix indeed ;)

PostPosted: 01.10.2013, 17:44
by thedragon72
?F? Trackbuilding Contest


PostPosted: 05.12.2013, 17:10
by XdaC
CC-Donation sent to berk1n

PostPosted: 10.12.2013, 16:51
by BuLL||DoZer
:/ I am sorry but i don't think that i will have a Track for the Contest...

At first i go to school and we have many things to do.
2nd i had problem with Trackmania, so i reinstalled it but still the Trackstudio don't work as i want. So till End of December i'll not finish it. ;( Hope thats not a big problem.

Have a nice day and a good Cup :)

PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 22:23
by XdaC
Hey, i wanted to ask if its ok to add my 2 tracks from this contest also to another contest? None of this tracks would be published to early because the deadline is the same, 31.december, 2013.

PostPosted: 12.01.2014, 05:52
by XdaC
i have a question:

when does the driving cup starts? and where can i see the results of bulding contest/driving cup, whean it starts, ends, wheres the server etc,..?