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LFL RPG Trackbuilding Contest

PostPosted: 29.07.2013, 18:02
by LFL Team
Hello all of you guys,
we want to announce a new LFL RPG Trackbuilding Contest here. And of course after judging your maps, we will host the LFL RPG Cup right after it.
We don't want to give away the number of maps we are about use in our tournament's system so we are accepting every map of yours.
Don't worry we are accepting every kind of map regardless of which style like speedy, techy, pathfinding or whatever. Important thing is the lenght for us basicly.
But we want to give every mapper a chance for his/her style.
Perfect run of your maps should be between 7-15 minutes. Don't worry, we will test it for you.
Private betatests with yours friends are not allowed. Betatests will be only done with at least one LFL member at the upcoming LFL Test server.
To give each and every mapper a chance to build in his/her prefered time (slow/fast), we set the deadline on 31st December 2013. At this date all final versions of the tracks must have been sent to us, for giving us enough time to rate it.
Last of all, we are accepting donations for the prizes. If you donate, prizes will increase. And trackbuilding contest is important for us, so it will, too, have nice prizes.
We hope to see your contrubition, send your maps to
FireBiker and Berkin

PostPosted: 29.07.2013, 19:05
by taf_team
donation sent to fire
hf building to builder ^^


LFL RPG Trackbuilding Contest

PostPosted: 29.07.2013, 19:06
by Tmbubble

PostPosted: 29.07.2013, 19:12
by FireBiker
Please follow ziz's and Bubble's example of making a comment if you wanna submit an entry for our TrackBuilding Tournament or wanna make a donation.
Thank you very much!



PostPosted: 29.07.2013, 19:22
by LFL Team
Send donations to " berk1n " please. Thank you

PostPosted: 30.07.2013, 09:50
by kill-evil
will try to build something :p

PostPosted: 30.07.2013, 19:39
by simo_900
will maybe build a map ^^

PostPosted: 31.07.2013, 06:53
by snellejasper
I'll build something for the contest.

PostPosted: 31.07.2013, 08:37
by Niiel-Moo
Can i enter my taf map? :P

PostPosted: 31.07.2013, 11:03
by FireBiker
Yes, Niiel :). If it's not yet released on TMX and just shown to the taf-members, yes :)

PostPosted: 31.07.2013, 16:04
by BuLL||DoZer
I guess, i'll also building a Track :)

i have enought Time. Till next Year :P

PostPosted: 01.08.2013, 10:21
by Burni
(not a duo track)

PostPosted: 03.08.2013, 13:47
by XdaC
I'll try to buildt one too =)

PostPosted: 10.08.2013, 09:58
by Panasco
There's much time left until december, so I guess I'll be building one too ^^

PostPosted: 10.08.2013, 11:31
by Jurek
One question.
In what platform this competition tmu or tm2, because it's quite important.

PostPosted: 10.08.2013, 14:15
by Reahx

PostPosted: 10.08.2013, 16:17
by XdaC
Sent my track to, have fun - hope you like it

PostPosted: 12.08.2013, 13:38
by malun22
LFL RPG Trackbuilding Contest

Malun and Wormi

PostPosted: 14.08.2013, 00:14
by gugaruz
I have a question:
I have a rpg and i build this rpg for tm2 ( want release it on tmx2).
but later I wanna do a tmu version of this rpg to show it all the rpg-builder then :)

and this track building contest deadline is ideal for the time for my tmu version, but can i do the tm2 original version release it on tmx2 before the tourmanent starts? because it's on tm2x and not tmx? or have i to wait to upluad it on any kind of tm exchange? :)

greets gugaruz

PostPosted: 14.08.2013, 05:54
by berk1n
gugaruz, people just can play it on tm2 and learn the map. So answer is no.

I am not saying you can't release it on tmx2, but we won't accept it if you do that. You can send it to us too, your desicion.

PostPosted: 14.08.2013, 09:57
by Reahx
?F? Trackbuilding Contest,



I wont Judge on my own duo map.

PostPosted: 20.08.2013, 10:50
by Burni
Do I HAVE to make some story? Or can I just make an intro and add a mod?

PostPosted: 20.08.2013, 16:48
by Reahx
A story will be nice but ofc it doesn't need

PostPosted: 22.08.2013, 19:49
by XdaC
pls forget the track i've sent - i have updated it - i will send the new one if its finished - long do you need for it to drive? is it at ~9minutes?

PostPosted: 22.08.2013, 20:31
by berk1n
It was fine actually, but feel free to add anything