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ARC 14 comp need rpg tracks

PostPosted: 11.12.2013, 23:40
by popgun
Just a heads up,

Peteypablo7 is looking for a few more RPG tracks for the ARC 14 cup on the main TMX site.

Deadline is 31st December. If you have a track that can be finished before then, it might be worth entering for the exposure.
I'm not building at the moment, so no tracks from me. If you want to enter, tracks need to be 7-12 minutes long with an author time inside that time scale.

Good luck.


PostPosted: 22.12.2013, 22:26
by XdaC
I have 2 tracks which are not yet published.
But I have they sent these 2 tracks to LFL contest too, is it ok to add them to your contest too? The deadline is the same: 31 December, 2013

ps:. I have also asked LFL if that is ok for them, but still waiting for answer

PostPosted: 23.12.2013, 22:42
by popgun
Hi Xdac,

Contact Peteypablo7 on TMX. I'm sure he'd be pleased to review your tracks. :)
I was just passing on a message after he contacted me. I'm not building atm. I'm sure he'd love to see your tracks.


PostPosted: 26.12.2013, 22:17
by XdaC
thank you =)