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ρυlѕе. Winter Hunting Contest [2015]

ρυlѕе. Winter Hunting Contest [2015]

Postby Thomatos » 04.01.2015, 12:39

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Hey :) !

As you may or may not know, ρυlѕе contest is coming closer !

After some time discussing about various things on the servers, let's make things official. The contest will take place

The contest will take place in the form of a traditional server, there will be 16 maps on the server (if we get enough maps obviously), for a month, with a timelimit – TA mode. Now let's get into details :

- The contest will take place on the standard [ρυlѕе. RPG] server. (France|Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur|Var)

   Direct join link: tmtp://#join=tafrpg
   Addfavourite link (for tmnf accounts): tmtp://#addfavourite=tafrpg

- I will put most/all maps submitted for the building contest (up to 22 + 6 final maps) – that means your ranking in the building contest won't affect the use of your map for the driving contest.

- 4 maps will be kept for the final, not necessarily the 4 best maps, but the ones I'll judge fitting for it, knowing I wish to have 4 different mapstyles (be sure the 6 final maps will be quite different from one another).

- The map changes will take place every 5 hours so that people have time to (re)discover the track everytime it's being played and to get in the hunting mood – training spots etc.

- The map order will remain the same and juking will be disabled – same goes for votes.

- The best "yet-to-be-qualified-driver" time of each map will be qualified, following the order of the map list that I will set when I have received all maps, which makes a total of 16 qualified drivers. I will add to those 16, the top 2 toprank drivers (those not qualified in the 16 mentioned above)

- Every local 1 time will be rewarded with 10k coppers at the end of the month (depending on the amount of top 1 you get: 3 top 1 = 30k cc for you, 16 top 1 = 160k cc)

- Please upload your replays as much as possible ! I might demand the replays of the qualified drivers, just in case.

- I would like you to play fair, and thus share cuts or altways you might find with other drivers. It's a driving contest, based on driving skills, and not capacity to find sneaky cuts and keep them for yourself. That won't affect qualification, but it sucks :)

- There will be 2 or 3 special events during the contest, like Rounds days; those won't count the main contest, but there will be a special prize at the end!

- FINALS prizes:


- RANK prizes


This is the current prize grid, and thus might evolve with donations - only in a greater way though :)

The final system hasn't been decided yet, but it will most probably be TA, and something like 1 map / day, on 4 days – we could decide of a date that would suit everyone later, but that's another matter.

"Donators" (Total: 1,332,145 cc)

          HylleZ: 250,000 cc
          RPG Spain: 98,900 cc
          VKLF: 95,000 cc
          ALF: 88,888 cc
          Suf: 80,000 cc
          Malun: 53,313 cc
          Nom: 50,000 cc
          Yeye: 38,000 cc
          Jumper: 31,111 cc
          Ivory: 25,200 cc
          Thiele: 23,000 cc
          Lare: 23,000 cc
          Kilburn: 22,500 cc
          Bubble: 22,000 cc
          Sponge: 20,371 cc
          Sh!ft: 20,301 cc
          Tintin: 20,000 cc
          Sog: 20,000 cc
          Simo: 19,075 cc
          Beep: 18,000 cc
          Mars: 17,800 cc
          Lap: 16,000 cc
          Berkin: 15,000 cc
          Nunquam: 15,000 cc
          Shortz: 14,000 cc
          B4card1: 13,265 cc
          Iceman: 12,500 cc
          Crash: 12,345 cc
          Pexx: 11,716 cc
          Return: 11,000 cc
          Skyslide: 10,000 cc
          Bull: 10,000 cc
          Campello: 10,000 cc
          Nova: 8,845 cc
          Théo: 8,020 cc
          Natta: 8,000 cc
          Jman: 8,000 cc
          Eagles: 8,000 cc
          Harry: 7,500 cc
          Wally: 7,002 cc
          Sens: 7,000 cc
          Popgun: 6,000 cc
          Futhark: 5,755 cc
          Maverick: 5,755 cc
          Disgo: 5,200 cc
          Razor: 5,100 cc
          Rider: 5,000 cc
          Aedion: 5,000 cc
          BenJ: 5,000 cc
          Jigsaw: 5,000 cc
          Vinč: 5,000 cc
          Sool!x: 5,000 cc
          Manu: 4,444 cc
          Hawkger: 4,000 cc
          Tabasco: 4,000 cc
          Burni: 3,666 cc
          Opgnu: 3,000 cc
          Tiffany: 2,700 cc
          Techno: 2,300 cc
          Sharp: 2,100 cc
          Alf41: 2,000 cc
          Nosstradamus: 2,000 cc
          Fast: 2,000 cc
          Shark: 2,000 cc
          Avonka: 2,000 cc
          Minermcro1: 1,500 cc
          Harry: 1,500 cc
          Skyfall: 1,337 cc
          Ziza: 1,300 cc
          Hardy: 1,000 cc
          Lo: 1,000 cc
          Bikertp: 1,000 cc
          Stellar: 1,000 cc
          Booby: 1,000 cc
          Captn: 1,000 cc

Tracks list:
Some of the tracks you will see :)

Crash - The Cistern
Burni - Necropolis
Nunquam - Revenge of the Saints
Nunquam - Abyssal Experience
Disgo - Talion: La Rabia
Thom - Pachacamac
Skulrid - Palace of Tribalism
Disgo - A Wonderland to the Antarctic Curtice
Manu/Thom - Eldorado
Malun - Trypsos
Malun - Kabagalan
Tintin - Nanobiotix
Manu - Impact
Razor - Flabbergasted
Eie - bRicks And GravEs
Razor - Hunting Paradise
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Re: ρυlѕе. Winter Hunting Contest [2015]

Postby Clith » 04.01.2015, 12:49

if you have 16 maps, 6 hours is bad. it means a map will always get played at the same time of day, so people are at a disadvantage if they can't come on at diff times of the day.
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Re: ρυlѕе. Winter Hunting Contest [2015]

Postby Thomatos » 04.01.2015, 12:52

Made it 7h. :3
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Re: ρυlѕе. Winter Hunting Contest [2015]

Postby Pulse Ziza » 04.01.2015, 16:04

sisi gogo
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