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rpg2go Cup - September - Maps needed

rpg2go Cup - September - Maps needed

Postby gugaruz » 16.05.2015, 23:38


Hello RPG-Maniacs

About one month ago, sorrowcroatia, Zomby and me came up with an idea about making mini RPG cup. This cup will start somewhere in September and would be separated in several races (it depends how many maps we will receive). That's why we need you, mappers, to make maps for this cup. Cup will be played in Rounds mode, so make sure every checkpoint is respawnable. Also, you are obligated to make maps in RPG title, you can mix regular block with custom ones but there must be at least 50% of titlepack blocks. Maps MUST be newly made, don't remake old maps or segments of some existing RPG maps. Here are some more restrictions for maps :

    Map name : $999rpg$xxx2$fffgo $xxx× $fffName (xxx - color of your choice)
    Length : min. 2 - max. 3 minutes
    Media Tracker : No
    Scenery : Yes (not too much)
    Blocks : Original + Titlepack (custom) blocks (at least 50% of titlepack (custom) blocks must be included)
    Graphic bugs : NO
    Every checkpoint must be respawnable
    Map must be unknown to other players, don't remake other maps' parts !
    Difficulty : Easy-Medium
    Cup would be played in rounds mode on unknown maps, so make path easy to play

Here are some sample maps to make you understand this easily :
(more maps incoming)

If you are not familiar with RPG title, you should check THIS, and if you need help with mapping, check FORUM where you will find everything you need to know about RPG mapping :)

If you need more info or help with testing map(s), feel free to write me a PM :)

send your Mini RPG maps to rpg2go@yahoo.com

so, i would say, have fun building

cheers rpg2go Team
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Re: rpg2go Cup - September - Maps needed

Postby Loe » 19.05.2015, 22:35

Well yeah, it sounds interesting etc. surely.
And I'd build something, but I am not pretty familiar with the tm2 rpg titlepack editor.
So I guess, I won't build something. :?
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Re: rpg2go Cup - September - Maps needed

Postby gugaruz » 20.05.2015, 09:49

usually you need 1 month to get familiar with the titlepackblocks in editor :)

if you want to give it a try, you can contact me for some special tips and how you can effective work with e.g the rotation of those blocks...

otherwise i suggest you to visit this cup in september and get some inspiration :)
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