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Postby eie » 11.09.2015, 20:47

Oy folks!

T³ cup is coming. But for this to happen, we’re gonna need some of your tracks, so it would be appreciated if you cared to read. If you have any questions, please go ahead and post them, don’t hesitate!

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen events we have decided to postpone the cup until December. This means more time for builders and hopefully more maps. Keep 'em comin'! :mrgreen:

UPDATE 2: Due to unforeseen events we have decided to postpone the cup until Febuary. This means more time for builders and hopefully more maps, but we encourage people to submit before the deadline to assure we can give proper feedback! :mrgreen:

Registration: No registration is needed, just contact me or any o if you want to submit a map. You can contact me, sog, manu or xenn online on RPG servers or by posting a comment in this thread.
Prizes: Current pool is 400K+ cc which we have yet to decide how to manage. But it will be a fair amount!

Past Winners:

Information and rules:

• Environment: Normal stadium
• No unlimiter-maps accepted. (Tracks that you need to play just with TMUnlimiter).
• Map style: Trial & adventrial.
• Deadline: 2016-02-01, Febuary the first.
• Private testing is not allowed. Only with approved testers on approved servers.
• The track must be unreleased.
• If your map gets accepted, DO NOT release it until told so.
• Tracks should be able to be played without the need of any third-party programs, such as Unlimiter.

We advise you to betatest the map at least once, so cuts, missable checkpoints and bad design can be eliminated before the release of your track. This is to ensure that there will be fewer problems at the event.


Maximum attainable points is be 100. Maps will be graded based on the following things:

Build/Design (40 points):
Originality and creativity will be rewarded.

• Annoying flickering is to be avoided.
• 20 of these points will be based on objective things:
- No annoying flickering = 5 points
- 1 point for every cp, up to 10 points (having more than 10 cps is also allowed)
- Having a respawnable route = 1 point
- At least 6 minutes long = 4 points

Driving (35 points):
Maps with flow and bugfree stunts will be rewarded.

• Bugs are not wanted as they will make hunting difficult. Try to avoid random stunts on which a driver may not improve.
• New tricks are encouraged, but make sure they’re working as intended. A bad new trick is worse than an ok existing one.
• 20 of these points will be based on karma rating.

Athmosphere (15 points):
Adventrials or trials with an interesting theme will be rewarded.

• Scenery is helpful to make a good atmosphere, and so is a mod.

Bonus points (10 points):
Interesting new ideas will be rewarded.

• These points are given by the judges if they want to give additional points to a map.

pls donate:

If you want to help by donating coppers or anything else to the cup, you can donate them on the T³ server, or contact me, sog, manu or Xenn by PM, so we together can make great prizes for the building and the driving contest!
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Postby Loe » 11.09.2015, 20:58

nice to hear that the cup is still enforced. after it was said that it is canceled. :)
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