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WoR RPG Event

WoR RPG Event

Postby skyslide » 25.10.2015, 13:56


I present you our first Halloweeeen WoR Hard RPG Event!

You need:

TM1 Account
No Registry!
Time and Motivation :)
Fun of course


Join our WoR Hard RPG Server; tmtp://#join=wor_hard-rpg

Event starts at 18h 31 October and ends at 18h 1 November
You'll drive a new RPG from Playboytoto, Joshy , Blitz and me;
Your target is;

Take the WR and hold them!
Its a Map by 5 Players , so every builder has his own building zone , every zone is individually kind of builder!
You will see many Pictures of TM2 RPG, so i hope you become some Motivation for a look in TM2 RPG!
TM2 Stadium if free atm , so give it a try :)
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