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RPG hunting cup Part.2 Driving competition

RPG hunting cup Part.2 Driving competition

Postby pierrepok » 28.06.2016, 22:24

Hello guys ! Few month ago I made a post about the RPG hunting cup and more particularly about the building competition. We got 7 mappers for a total of 8 maps. And now the serious things are coming ! There will be 2 parts in the driving competition : a first one consist on 2 weeks of hunting on the server and a second one consist on rounds (more informations will come later for this event)

Hunting competition
The principle is really easy ... All you have to do is to come on the server (manialink : maniaplanet://#join=exotik_rpg_cup@RPG@tmrpg ) .There will be a map rotation of 3 hours and 30 minutes for each maps (calendar here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VFp2sFa4Af9Nq9rteaOHvNz5ZDsTb0G8EAciDrAsKW8/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0 ). The schedule of this calendar are suposed change a bit. 8 NEW maps got built for the cup.

You will earn points for each LOCAL record you get per map :
1st : 135 points
2nd : 110 points
3rd : 90 points
4th : 75 points
5th : 65 points
6th : 60 points
7th : 56 points
8th : 53 points
9th : 51 points
10th : 50 points
11th : 40 points
then one point less for each place

so as you understood it's really benificial to have the first place and to be in the top 10 ...

Prize :
1st : 40.000 planets
2nd : 20.000 planets
3rd : 10.000 planets
4th : 5.000 planets
5th : 2.500 planets
6th to 10th : 500 planets

Rules briefly :

-Start the 5th july at 20:00 CEST and end the 19 july at 23:59 CEST

-You don't need to register. Just come on the server and play manialink :maniaplanet://#join=exotik_rpg_cup@RPG@tmrpg

- 8 new maps played during 2 weeks.

- Each map stay 3h30min on the server.

- Do the best time as you can to earn points.

- ONLY the local record of the RPG HUNTING CUP server will count (maps can’t get downloaded and played offline)

- The one who get the best amont of points win the cup.

The round competition will be played with hunting competition maps the 23th july. More info about this one will come during the hunting competition. The cashprize of the round cup is actually 40.000 planets.

Admins hope to see you on the roads !!! ;)
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Re: RPG hunting cup Part.2 Driving competition

Postby pierrepok » 05.07.2016, 20:56

:idea: New point attribution
:idea: the calendar is now available. You can also find it directly from the server.

The cup started since 3 hours. Like everybody say usually "GL HF" :wink:
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