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Evolution.’ RPG Contest

Evolution.’ RPG Contest

Postby sog » 10.10.2016, 20:21

Date and time: 14.10.2016 18.00 CEST until 16.10.2016 23.59 CEST
(17.00 CEST Warm Up)

Server: ..Evolution #Contest 14.Oct#
Serverlogin: plxtwo
Join: tmtp://#join=plxtwo
Add Favo: tmtp://#addfavourite=plxtwo


1st Finisher - Gold Tag
2nd Finisher - Silver Tag
3rd Finisher - Bronze Tag

Local 1 - 10 000 Coppers
Local 2 - 8 000 Coppers
Local 3 - 6 000 Coppers
Local 4 - 4 000 Coppers
Local 5 - 2 000 Coppers


..Evolution.’ by playerxy and mooB

The author time is 9.48.51 minutes, which is a pretty decent run.
Hunting times should be below 9 Minutes
First Try will be around 45 - 90 Minutes

The average driver should be able to finish this map easily, maybe some struggle in the last two sections.
Pro’s can hunt it for a one shot run.

11713 cc, so your PC should probably handle it.

Evolution.‘ by mooB, it's a revised version of popgun's awesome Crusader Mod.
Download it here - http://xeonesports.de/host/server/Evolution.zip

If the map isn’t hard enough and you think we missed the trial section. Jump over the finish and give it a try. A small trial part with a fin at the end is waiting for you! Good Luck!
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